October 18, 2019: 
First Photo Shoot of Fall 2019
     Harvest is here not just for the farmers, but also for the photographers. The fall season is probably the easiest season to reap a few good photos. In this very special first blog of The EveryDay Photographer I will be reflecting on what I did on the shoot, what I should have done, and what I should not have done. 
Photo No. 1

ISO 400     70 mm     f/4.0     1/250sec

     The first photo was not my first pick in the draft as I sorted through the pictures. I attempted to place the model, Autumn, in between two trees, however, I only achieved capturing one tree in the photo
     Unfortunately, I discarded this photo as soon as I took it and moved on with the shoot. If I had seen the potential of the picture, I would have backed up a few feet so the background foliage would be completely blurred. In addition, I would have bumped up the shutter speed up to 1/500th so Autumn's feet would be tack sharp. 

     Thanks to the power of editing, I was able to make the photo acceptable. When I say, "acceptable”, I mean good for Instagram. It will be mostly viewed on small screens, so the flaws will not be obvious.
     In post, I altered the greens to yellow, yellows to orange, and a bit of orange to red.  Then I got a little experimental, imported the photo into Photoshop, and completely removed the tree and the pathway from photo. The editing gets a little funky in the background, but is all right on a small screen.

Photo No. 2

ISO 200     10mm     f/4.5     1/60sec

     Now this photo was very fun and I did something probably not the best, but definitely stimulated the process. About an hour prior to this shoot, I had just received the Canon EF-S 10-18mm lens. Therefore, without even getting to know the lens, I took a risk and brought the new lens to the shoot. I am so glad I did. 
     Though this was the first shoot I did with lens, I actually give myself some credit for keeping all my lines parallel and square.  

     This photo overall was overall very fun to work with on the shoot and in post. Just as in Photo No. 1, I altered the oranges, yellows and reds, but I did have to do some extra masking for the sky. The sky was completely blown out after I lifted the shadows, so the gradient tool in Lightroom came in very handy to bring the highlights back down. 
     I was tempted to remove the "Comfort Station" sign, along with the other signs, but decided to keep them in to keep the rawness of the photo.  
Photo No. 3

ISO 400     214mm     f/5.6     1/250sec 

     This was the banger photograph I hoping for during the shoot. The sun was setting and shining directly from the west, shining bright on the model. I composed the picture perfectly, getting a great compression of the background.
     For those interested, Autumn is actually standing on a concrete pad covered in leaves. Standing in grass in pointe shoes does not give good stabilization. 
     Overall, this photo pleased me. The removing of the tree was a breeze,  and keeping the focus on Autumn was easy. The greens are still a little too green, but maybe it is better that way. Generally, the whole look to this photo gives me a dreamy vibe.  
In Conclusion...​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
The shoot was very successful, even though it being 50 degrees outside, I got some keepers. Of course I had some hiccups during the shoot, and some the photos will never see the light of day, but I was learning during the whole process. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for future articles.