The first photo turned out great, except that a tree was directly behind Jophie's  (the model's) head.  Yet, the photo still looks great, with the mistakes. 

ISO 800     250mm     f/5.6     1/250 sec

In this photo I missed the focus on her eyes, and focused behind Jophie, onto the umbrella. The umbrella actually created a really nice touch to the photo. 
With the umbrella being transparent, it serves a as a great neutral color. 

ISO  400     109mm     f/5.0     1/200 sec 

ISO 800     123mm     f/5.0     1/250 sec

There was a series of photos taken with the basket including the photo below. when I loaded the photos into Lightroom and saw the limbs in the background, I was very frustrated with myself for not paying attention in the moment of taking the photograph. I took the photo at around 120mm  f/5 so it still looks great for normal viewers. 
I call this photo the business photo.It is very formal, I think it would look great on a Linkedin page. 

ISO 800     135mm     f/5.0     1/200 sec

ISO 400     96mm     f/5.0    1/250 sec

ISO 800     84mm     f/5.0      1/250sec   

The above were a couple of spontaneous ideas that turned into great pictures.
The last photos consist of a reenactment of Mary Poppins and a desperate attempt to make leaves fly. 
The color correction was very simple this shoot. I turned the greens to yellows and the yellows to orange. 
The autumn weather did it again. It aided me to produce beautiful photos for Jophie. I'm still learning, but I notice more things I can fix on the shoot, rather than trying to fix problems in post. 
Thanks for reading, and continue to release your ideas into reality. 
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