I did my first wedding.
Thanks to all those photos my mom posted on Facebook, I was asked to photograph the wedding of some family friends.  Thank goodness, it was not a full-blown, over the top wedding. Because if it was I would have said no. Matter of fact, I probably would not have been asked to do it.  Hmm...
Anyway, it was so much fun running around the church; literally running from place to place so get specific shots at the right time. If I was watching the live stream as the wedding progressed, I would have been very distracted by the photographer (who looked pretty professional in my opinion) darting to and fro clicking away. 

The Color Version

The Black & White Version

In the color version of the photos, I had a dilemma. The colors in the sanctuary where the wedding took place horribly clashed. I at first thought that I was going to go through a slew of failed color schemes to apply to the photos. Thankfully, to my surprise, on my first try I got it right. I went with 50% magenta shadows, and subtle orange highlights. It was enough for me. 

1/125    f/2.2    ISO 400    50 mm

Thanks to batch editing in Lightroom, I finished the Color Version in about 6 hours. Not too shabby. I was able to send off the photos the day after the wedding to the family. I included a message with the link saying that any photo that the bride and groom really liked, I would make a B&W version. 
Wow. I cannot believe how fast the B&W edit went. It felt like cheating compared to the color edit.  ​​​​​​​

The hazy look the 50mm lens (more like a 80mm due to using a APS-C sensor) achieved with the way the light hit the lens was amazing. The haze definitely adds some style to the photos. 
Overall, the wedding photography experience as a whole was great. Will I do more? Yes...but a full time wedding photographer, I'm not so sure. It pays great for someone still in high school, but it doesn't pay good enough to commit my life to it.  
Well if I could see you right now I would say nice seeing you, but I can't so I'll just say bye.

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